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Standing tall and proud on Highpeak, Aelendia Academy is a beacon of integrity, scholarship, and excellence. The Academy produces the best warriors in the country of Aelendia, as well as the only dragon riders and sorcerers in the world. Each graduate carries the weight of protecting Aelendia from the threat of their enduring rival nation, Makaro. Slowly regathering their strength after the previous war, Makaro is finally ready to claim the magical land of Aelendia for itself.

medieval fantasy, original world, dragon rider academy
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Aelendia Academy is a medieval fantasy, dragon rider post-to-post roleplay. There is no word count, no player application, and a variety of roleplay options. Aelendia Academy focuses on fostering a great community atmosphere centered on character-driven plots and collaboration.
the ashes of bardelle

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