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Here you can find the plot and lore for Aelendia.
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All informational directories can be found here for the forum.

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Plot Events

Plot Events
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This is where the role playing of scheduled forum-wide plots will take place.

Aelendia Academy

Academy Main Building
Flying Sparks | Eltheana & A'kahi (Apr 23, 2019 9:48:02 GMT -6)
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The fortress-like main building of the Academy is an augmented remnant of the fae. The stone structure has stood for a long time and is likely to outlast many other buildings.
Academy Campus
so let's not give the game away | kyr (Apr 22, 2019 16:15:40 GMT -6)
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The sprawling campus of the Academy sprung up around the main building and the dragon cave over time, with more structures being added as needed by the Academy and its students.


everyone has a price | matthew (Jul 2, 2019 21:58:50 GMT -6)
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Sometimes the students are allowed leisure time that they can spend in the nearby city of Magia, at the foot of Highpeak.
Late in the Game | Jairo & Artoro (May 21, 2019 20:03:48 GMT -6)
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The seaport city of Bardelle glitters on the southern coast of Aelendia and welcomes all to its borders.
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Aeli is the land of stone, forest, and mineral that exists to the northwest of Magia.
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Ghira, the farmland, sits to the southeast of Magia.
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This northernmost province houses the volunteer army's training base and the dragon breeding grounds that Magia cannot host.


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Forum games and other fun ideas can be found here.
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